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First Day of My Daughter in School

17 Feb

// Today on 17-Feb-2014 , my daughter first time went to play school “Brats and Cuties” in Dwarka, New Delhi.

// I am just trying to think what might have gone through her mind

Hi Dad I did go to some place

Hi Dad I had fun and play

Did you know? Did you know?

I saw many people like me.

I saw one teacher who smiled and chatted

I saw chairs and forrest in class

I did play  I did chat

I did sing and I did dance

Dad I did go to some place

I did not miss you

I did not miss mom

Nor did I miss anyone otherwise in house

I ate my breakfast kept in my red tiffin

I drank my water kept in read bottle

I enjoyed had fun but missed you Dad

so when you came there I ran to you with my folded hands

Dad I did go to some place today.

// That is all for today

Your Lovely and Eldest Daughter